Quinces Facial care Clinic holds "Facetacular Party" on August 4 w/ Intensive facial pls underarm whitening at P599 Image credit: Quinces Facebook page

Affordable Facial Treatments at Quinces Clinic

Affordable Facial Treatments at Quinces Clinic

Quinces Facial Care Clinic offers affordable facial and body treatments. When we hear the words ‘facial or body treatment’, we equate it immediately with being expensive or exclusive for the wealthy and those who have the extras in their pockets.

But, what if the chance of pampering ourselves and taking care of our well-being has a place that doesn’t take a chunk from our budget?

This is certainly what we have been looking for. Quinces offers facial treatments like basic, intensive and deep cleansing priced between P300-500 and body treatments such as intensive whitening body scrub, intense underarm whitening, and intense underarm whitening with micro-peel at P300-500. Other treatments are body scrub with micro-peel, hand, arm spa whitening, foot spa with whitening, hair removal, and body aroma body massage among many others. One may visit the clinic in Ramos Street (across Diplomat Hotel) or like their Facebook quincesfcc@yahoo.com.ph for more information.

“Quinces”, which is a synonym of the fruit pears, uses the purest and natural organic products thus, the affinity of the name of the clinic. This was incepted by proprietor Isabel Barrera a year ago, and now they take pride in the loyal customer based they have established who have become repeat clients of the clinic.

The facial care clinic is known for its acne treatment wherein numerous clients from students to professionals have been satisfied with the results of the treatment.

“I tell my clients to commit to the treatment which I do to them to see the results. They are satisfied. One evidence is they no longer come back for treatment but just buy the products to do home care. Organic is slow in process but effects and results are seen,” said Barrera.

According to Barrera, they follow a three-step process in servicing their clientele. They are are Treatment, Home Care and Free Consultation.

Quinces also sells organic skin care products such as personally concocted anti-aging serums by its in-house chemist, anti-allergy/inflammatory L-Carnitin soap, and whitening soaps Calamansi, Tomato+milk, Oatmeal+milk, 5 in 1 whitening, and Carrot.

Catch Quinces Facial Care Clinic’s caravans in your barangay or school where a free consultation and facial, and product display will be done. Freebies are also up for grabs.

“We do these caravans especially in schools since most acne problems happen during adolescent periods due to hormonal change,” added Barrera.

Meanwhile, watch out for the upcoming Moroccan Bath Body Scrubbing (with fish cream) available at Quinces soon. This another organic treatment from Quinces will remove the deadliest skin, free radicals, blemishes, and contributes slimming, whitening, and good blood circulation to the body.

For more inquiries, one may contact Quinces Clinic at (032) 511-9147.