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Council to Concur Appointments of Castillo, Poblete

Council to Concur Appointments of Castillo, Poblete

The Cebu City Council will invite newly-installed Cebu City Legal Officer Gerone Castillo and City Administrator Jose Marie Poblete in one of its sessions before the city legislators will confirm their appointments.

City Councilor Sisinio Andales, chairman of the City Council’s committee on laws, ordinances and good government, explained that Section 454 of the Local Government Code provides that the appointments of department heads needs the concurrence of the council.

But Mayor Michael Rama said that even if the law requires the concurrence of the City Council to confirm the appointment of department heads, it was not specified that the council can compel the concerned officials to appear before them prior to the confirmation.

“Ngano, wala pa sila makaila ni Atty. Castillo ug Atty. Poblete?” the mayor said.

Poblete was appointed as City Administrator in late 2010.  He was formerly the Secretary of the Cebu City Council while Castillo has already serving the City as one of its lawyers since 1997.

But Castillo said he is willing to appear before the City Council

“We must give due respect to each and every branch of the government,” he said but adding that requiring him to report his programs before the City Council is a different issue.

Castillo said he needs to first present his plans and programs to Rama who appointed him to the position.

The city legal officer and city administrator are coterminous with the appointing authority. On the other hand, Poblete said he will only decide whether or not he will heed the City Council’s request once he receives a formal invitation.