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Strict Enforcement of Liquor Laws

Strict Enforcement of Liquor Laws

The Cebu City Liquor Licensing Commission or its enforcement arm should be strict in implementing the laws that prohibit the selling of liquor and beverages in areas within 100 meter radius from the schools, hospitals, churches and public plaza.

Mayor Michael Rama had already announced that he will not give special permits for those wine shops and other establishments that did not comply the provisions of City Ordinance 1413, or the Liquor Ordinance of Cebu City that was enacted way back in the late 1990’s.

A few months ago, Lucille Mercado of the Liquor Licensing Commission had announced that they will close the operation of a beer joint situated along Sanciangko corner Pelaez Street because the place is within 100 meter radius from the University of San Carlos (USC).

However, the establishment continues to operate until now even if several minor students of the nearby schools are frequently entering the said beer joint.

The mayor was also informed about the operation of a popular establishment which is also selling and serving beer products to its customers and allowed them to drink outside of its store which is situated within the building of University of the Visayas (UV).

Several other food establishments situated within 100 meters away from the Basilica del Santo Niño and other food outlets near Churches and hospitals still remain untouchables.

The ordinance empowers the mayor to issue special permits to applicants for a period of one year upon the payment of P6,000 fee to the city, but Rama said he will not grant special permits.

Under the ordinance in Cebu City, those who want to sell and serve liquor to their customers even if it is outside the prohibited areas are still required to secure permit for their operation but only until 10 p.m.

If they wish to operate beyond 10 p.m. the concerned operators are required to secure another special permit to allow them to operate until 3 a.m. and pay P2,000 for a year.