Art Review: RonyelCompra Backroom Sale

Art Review: RonyelCompra Backroom Sale

The artist RonyelCompra is having a backroom sale of his past artworks from 2005 to 2014. The exhibit will run until August 7, 2014 at the 856 G- Gallery. The collection is composed of small and medium sized artworks done in various media and style, from rubber – cut prints, works on paper and mixed media on canvas.

2nd photo

Humming Bird, Mixed Media, 16 1/2 x 21 inches, 2011

RonyelCompra, is a Cebuano visual artist that graduated Bachelor in Fine Arts Major in Painting from the University of the Philippines Cebu Campus. As an artist he has been very busy accepting recognitions for his distinct style and material experimentation. Such recognition include being the finalist in 2009’s GSIs painting competition, awarded first place (2006) and second place (2008) for the 32nd and 30th JoseJoya Art Awards. Aside from recognitions, RonyelCompra has also been busy with exhibits in Cebu’s 856 G Gallery, SM Art Center and CAP Art Center, and Manila’s NOW Gallery.

3rd photo

The Pious, Mixed Media, 16 1/2 x 21 inches, 2011

The artworks of RonyelCompra reminds me of the Italian surrealist Geogio de Chirico, though Compra’s work is not totally surreal, his works have that aura. It’s his mix of colors and shapes that gives the effect of mystery and emptiness, but because his works are not realistically three dimensional and usually have one lone subject they also give off a feel that the story about the work is unfinished.

Unfinished in a sense, that when you look at the works your kind of waiting for something to happen. Whatever that is, you, on your own have to complete the story.

4th photo

Flapper, Mixed Media, 2011

Though RonyalCompra does not like to say what his artworks mean, it would be a surprise from time to time that he will one day combine these figures in one painting and tell us his version of the story.

5th photo

After Shock #1, Mixed Media, 19 x 23 1/2 inches, 2011

Another factor about his artworks is that his forms are truly distinct. His style which looks native or primitive is entirely new. He does not use the old symbols.

The artist also does not try to force us to like his artworks by using bright colors and common shapes. What he does is introduce us to new color and shape combinations and makes us like it for what they are – which indeed he has accomplished.

6th photo

Holy Head, Mixed Media, 13 1/2 x 16 1/4 inches, 2011

Overall, I really like his works. It is indeed different. If you know Ronyel, he is a very calm man, quiet, not flashy but inside is deep person. And this is the beauty of his artworks, you get to see that personality of him expressed in his works. His works are truly genuine. A true expression of the uniqueness of RonyelCompra.

Personally, I have known RonyelCompra from his college days and I am personally proud that despite its hardships he has continued in this path of becoming an artist. He is an inspiration to all budding artists. Congratulations!

7th photo

Skinless, Mixed Media, 13 1/2 x 16 1/ 4 inches, 2011

Photo above: Little Monk, Mixed Media, 16 x 21 inches 2014

About the Author: N.M. CABANGBANG graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Painting at University of the Philippines Cebu. He is now currently teaching grade 6 – 10 Art at B.R.I.G.H.T. Academy. He also plays the bass and sings for the band – PALTIK.