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City Allocates P5M for ‘Permanent’ Night Market in Colon St.

City Allocates P5M for ‘Permanent’ Night Market in Colon St.

Cebu City Mayor Mayor Michael Rama has already informed the Office of the President in Malacañang that he wants to make the night market in Colon Street permanent, allocating P5 million for the street’s revitalization to make it more attractive to prospective customers.

Rama also furnished Cebu City Council a copy of his executive order for them to facilitate for the other documentation, including the rerouting of vehicles that would be affected by the night market that will start at 6 p.m.

The portion of Colon Street—the oldest in the country— at the corner of Osmeña Boulevard to Mabini Street, is where the night market would be held.

The project’s main purpose is to encourage the public to patronize the products of downtown area businesses so as to restore Colon’s grandeur as the heart of Cebu City’s shopping and business activities.

As planned, the city would install entrance markers at the Osmeña Boulevard intersection, particularly beside McDonalds, and an exit marker at the Mabini Street juncture.

City Administrator Lucelle Mercado said the Office of the President has been informed already on Rama’s September 11, 2014 executive order, which could only be implemented if the City Council approves the requested budget.

Rama said in his order that Colon Street was once a celebrated and famous center of downtown Cebu, but it slowly became a low-grade or second class shopping center after several malls mushroomed at the uptown sections of the city and at the North Reclamation Area.

“To restore Colon Street’s once held grandeur and to compete with other shopping malls and business centers, there is a need to strengthen Colon Street economic viability and sustainability, hence this revitalization concept is imperative,” read the executive order.

It said that aside from the daytime operations of shops and stores, night market operations shall also be allowed in Colon Street, with uniform booths or stalls available 6 p.m. until midnight. Vendors would be required to wear a uniform with name plates.

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)-7 had already suggested that if the city would allow the operation of night market, it should be done in thoroughfares not considered as major roads so it will not affect

The city assured it would first secure DPWH’s approval before re-allowing the night market.

The Department of Engineering and Public Works of the city has been assigned to repair and improve Colon Street, particularly its drainage system and sidewalks.

More police and security personnel would also be assigned in the area to protect the public from lawless elements.

Meanwhile, traders who would be allowed to operate during the night market would have to make sure that they do not sell illegal, harmful, and dangerous products.