Image Source: Monica's Health Magazine

DOH Reminds Samarnons to Drink Safe Water to Stop Diarrhea

DOH Reminds Samarnons to Drink Safe Water to Stop Diarrhea

The Department of Health (DOH) through its provincial doctor, Dr. Antonio Tirazona, reminds Samarnons to drink safe water.

He urged them to boil water for at least 10 minutes to ensure that disease causing germs including cholera are killed.

Another process to disinfect water is through chlorination through the use of hypochlorite (chlorine granules), he added.

The public is also reminded to always store water in clean and covered storage containers to avid contamination with pathogens or microorganisms that cause diseases.

To date four Samar towns have been affected by diarrhea as reported by DOH. Tagapul-an, an island town has three cases, Gandara has 17 cases while Calbiga town has 12 cases.

Motiong town with 103 cases is considered to have an outbreak, added Tirazona.

His health teams have been deployed in the different areas to help residents and the rural health centers to abort the situation.

The DOH representative also urged Samarnons to immediately seek professional help when there is a suspected diarrhea case in their area. (ajc/nbq/PIA 8-Samar)