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Inspect Before You Accept Your New Home



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After months or years of waiting, you are now close to crossing the threshold of your newly constructed home and starting your new chapter in life. But before you do, there is one last important step: the Pre-Delivery Inspection or PDI.

The PDI is your chance to tour your finished condo unit or house for the first time and to check for defects and unfinished work before you move in. You will be accompanied by your builder or their representative.

If you notice something that needs attention, point it out to your builder so they can write it down on the PDI Form. Hang on to a copy of this form because it becomes the formal record of your home’s condition before you moved into it.

Here are some tips for conducting a successful PDI:

1. The PDI is not just an inspection – it’s also an orientation. You should take advantage of this inspection to learn about the systems in the home. Do you know how to set the thermostat? Do you know how and when to change your furnace filter? Be sure to ask your builder lots of questions and make note of the information he/she gives you.

2. Don’t bring your friends and family along. As excited as you are to share your new home with those close to you, this is not the appropriate time. The PDI is a time for making sure everything is in order before you move in. It needs your full attention. A quiet, orderly inspection will help ensure you are thorough and focused.

3. Make sure you have enough time. The most common complaint from new home buyers about their PDI is that they felt rushed. A good rule of thumb is to take an hour for every 1000 square feet. Make sure your builder understands your expectations when scheduling your inspection.

4. Focus on the essentials. Don’t waste valuable PDI time by visualizing where you’ll hang your pictures or where your furniture will go. It is a better use of time to focus on the condition of your new home and understand how it works. You can print off Tarion’s PDI Checklist to keep you on track.

5. Pay special attention to hard surfaces. If there are any defects in things like ceramic tiles or granite counter tops, be sure to identify them now. If you wait, you might have a hard time proving they existed before you moved in. If the condition of the floors is hard to assess because they are covered with paper or dust, note this on the PDI Form.

6. Take pictures. Tarion recommends that new home owners take pictures of anything that appears damaged or missing. These photos can serve as a record later on if you make a warranty claim.



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Why Millennial Pinoys Are Switching to the Ketogenic Diet



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The Ketogenic Diet has become the latest health trend all over the world due to its proven weight loss effects. As a spin-off from the usual high-fat, low-carb diet, several celebrities including Billy Crawford and KC Concepcion are reported to having lost more than 30 lbs in just one month following the regime. According to researchers from Harvard University, studies show that a ketogenic diet was found to boost energy, reduce seizures in children, brain disorders, autism, and even brain cancer.

What is the Keto Diet?

The diet follows a high-fat, low-carb, and moderate-protein regime. The original rule is to include 80% fat, 15% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. However, individuals use the plan more flexibly when not used as a medical treatment. Since the major trend continues to rise in demands, food delivery services such as The Sexy Chef focus on keto meals and diet plans.

So, what does the Ketogenic diet usually consist of? Here is a sample menu:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and bacon
Morning Snack: Nuts and Raspberries
Lunch: Grilled pork shop and leafy greens
Afternoon Snack: Whey Protein
Dinner: Steamed Salmon with butter and lemon

Despite the No-Bread, No-Rice restrictions, the ketogenic diet does provide great alternative method to fat loss. The typical ingredients found in the Keto diet consists of coconut oil, organic meat, butter, cheese, nuts, leafy greens, and more. While the most conventional approach to losing weight is to reduce calories with a combination of exercise, this is certainly an ideal option to consider as the body goes into a low-carb state in order to use fat stores for energy.

The Millennial Way to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

Despite warnings against fad diets, millennials are looking to boost metabolism and burn fat with fat. Such diets have even been proven to help stimulate the state of ketosis to lose weight and build better metabolism. That is why the Ketogenic diet has gained its popularity in the Philippines and across the globe. Not only is the keto diet low in carbohydrates, it also cuts grains out entirely without sacrificing your budget.

On the plus side, any diet that consists of local favorites such as pork rings (chicharron) and sisig over sweet potatoes (kamotes) is something that many Filipinos ought to consider. As strange as it may seem, eating fat does not necessarily make us gain weight. In fact, healthy fats like avocados and olive oil will help us burn body fat, as advocated by the Ketogenic diet.

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A Healthier You for the New Year



The New Year is usually the time when we resolve to start living a healthier lifestyle, especially after indulging during the holiday season. But resolutions are easier said than done – just as gym memberships rise at the start of the year, they tend to drop off after a few months.

Promising that you will start eating and living healthy is easy but actually doing it long term is much harder. So how can we make it easier to commit to a healthy new you? Electrolux is here to give us a few tips on how we can get started on that healthier lifestyle – and stick to it!

Get someone on board

Get someone close to you to join you in your workouts and diets – like a friend, relative or your husband. The company will make it more fun and you’ll have someone to bond with over the process. Having a support system is one way to keep you on track when it comes to your goals.

Start Small

Overdoing things in the beginning, especially if this is your first time trying to eat healthy or doing regular exercise, will make changes hard to maintain. Start with small changes in your diet, like incorporating vegetables in your regular meals. Slowly remove processed food from your refrigerator and cabinets. Start with short jogging sessions once a week then gradually increase in frequency. Eventually, you will get more comfortable as these small tasks turn into habits. This is your cue to go a level higher in your diet and workouts.

Begin your day with protein

You’ve most likely heard of the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Time to listen to it as doing so is proven to lessen cravings and hunger pangs throughout the day, so you’ll be less tempted to indulge in carbs and sugary food.
Start with 25-30 grams of protein for breakfast every day. Some healthy ingredients you can include in your morning meals are fruits, vegetables, eggs, and sweet potatoes. Try mixing oats with yoghurt and your choice of fruits and leaving them overnight in the freezer or be adventurous with more unusual ingredients like peanut butter and jelly oats.

For a more savoury meal you can create a sweet potato, black bean, and egg white breakfast burrito. Just wrap everything together and you have a quick, easy and healthy meal.

Load up on fruits and vegetables

A diet that involves more fruit and vegetable intake is always recommended. Keep in mind that your body still requires protein, so what you can do is add more vegetables to meat-based dishes. Make beef and broccoli stir-fry or prepare a turkey taco lettuce wrap that uses lettuce as a substitute for taco shells. Another idea is adding fruits, egg, or a little meat to salads to add more flavor or create your own protein shake using various fruits.

You can also opt to eat fruits or veggies for snacks instead of the usual chips, cookies, chocolates, and other processed food. If you want more flavor, eat your veggie slices with guacamole or spinach dips.

Ensure you’ll always have a ready stash of fresh fruits and vegetables with the Electrolux NutriFresh Inverter Refrigerator. It’s equipped with the FreshShield Crisper, which has a unique tight seal that keeps temperatures stable, minimizes water loss and provides higher humidity, which allows fruits and vegetables to stay market-fresh for up to 7 days.

It also attracts and absorbs stray odors as well and eliminates 99.8% of bacteria through its FreshTaste Deodorizer.
While it may be hard to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions, getting friends involved and starting with small changes in diet and exercising regularly can reap big rewards! For more ideas on healthy living, visit, and follow, and

Electrolux shapes living for the better by reinventing taste, care and wellbeing experiences, making life more enjoyable and sustainable for millions of people. As a leading global appliance company, we place the consumer at the heart of everything we do. Through our brands, including Electrolux, White-Westinghouse, AEG, Anova, Frigidaire, and Zanussi, we sell more than 60 million household and professional products in more than 150 markets every year. In 2016, Electrolux had sales of SEK 121 billion and employed 55,000 people around the world. For more information, go to

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Five Tips to Achieve Your Fitness Resolutions



Blogger-Restaurateur Dianne Salazar never have to miss her CrossFit even it’s that time of the month with Jeunesse Anion All-Night Pad

We’d love to say the word resolution and all of that promises we’ve made for 2018. However, it can be oftentimes over-the-top and unrealistic, especially if it’s about eating healthy and getting fit. That’s why we’ve sought the help of Dietitian-Nutritionist Cheshire Que to share strategies that shun quick fixes in favor of results-producing changes. Here’s how to live mindfully without feeling overwhelmed:

1.Catch up on your 8-hour sleep. By sleeping eight hours a day, you are doing yourself a favor. Not to mention, a world of good to your mood, memory, and immune system! Lack of sleep also contributes to weight gain and obesity that wrecks your monthly period.

2.Go easy on sweets and fried food. You’ve had too much during the holidays and now is the time to detox. Balance out your calorie intake and minimize the junk foods in your life, a.k.a fried, sweet, and salty. Excessive amounts make you cramp, bloat, and may cause a sudden rise and fall on your sugar levels thus affecting your mood as well.

3.Eat fresh.  Fruits and vegetables cleanse the digestive system, clear the skin, and promote weight loss. Regular bowel movement especially during your red days keep you light and less bloated. And because they’re high in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, it helps to increase your satiety, making you feel full in just a few, smaller servings! Forget drastic and fad diets, stock up on these veggies instead, which are highly recommended by Dietitian-Nutritionist Cheshire Que:

a.Ampalaya – rich in iron and has insulin-like properties that help control blood glucose
b.Malunggay and other dark, leafy veggies – also rich in iron which boosts and promotes good mood & combats fatigue
c.Carrots – high in Vitamin A for a healthy, glowing skin
d.Kangkong or Chinese Spinach – packed with high amount of calcium for stronger bones
e.Chayote – full of fiber that promotes digestive health and folate for DNA synthesis and healthy blood cells

If you are serious about infusing your food with nutrient-dense ingredients, keeping a food journal is a great way to set up your meal plan to success. That way, it encourages you to consume fewer calories and provide the motivation that you need every single day!

4.Take a multivitamin supplement if your intake of nutrient-rich foods is inadequate. Minimizing salty and sweet food you badly crave does not mean you become instantly healthy. The absence of nutritious foods is a red flag that should be addressed too. An iron supplement may help prevent iron deficiency anemia for those with heavy menstrual flow. Take multivitamins that have all the necessary vitamins including calcium for strong bones and folate for a healthy heart and sound mind.

5.Move. Move. Move. All that daily inactivity is the biggest health hazard you’re up against. Desk jobs, long commutes, and too much Facebook and Netflix –is about as fattening as a steady diet of bacon and hotdogs. Here are some ways to stand up and just go: walk around your home while on the phone, dance while cooking, wash your car instead of taking it to the car wash, grab a coffee “to go” and walk as you sip! Mindful movement can offset all the sitting you can’t avoid and may help you to burn more calories a day.

And if you find yourself constantly using your period as an excuse to not go to the gym, take it from restaurateur and blogger Dianne Salazar. She said, “That time of the month doesn’t need to hinder you from physical activities like working out. It actually helps you feel less sluggish and boosts your mood. I do CrossFit almost everyday even when I’m on my period and I need not worry about leaks and discomfort, thanks to Jeunesse Anion All Night Pad! It gives me maximum protection even when I lift heavy weights.”

Ladies, your period is a gift and it should not stop you from reaching your fitness goals. Use quality sanitary pads to make sure you are worry-free and fully protected from leaks. By changing your pad every four to five hours, it helps to ward off bacterial growth that causes odor. With Jeunesse Anion pads, you don’t have to think about leaks and stains as its seven layers of powerful protection made of dirt-free and sterilized virgin pulp is gentle on skin and holds a superior amount of liquid, so nothing can stop you during that time of the month.

Available at Watsons, Mercury Drug Stores, and other leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide, Jeunesse Anion also offers ultra day non-wing, ultra day pad, ultra night pad, all-night pad, and panty liner to help every woman to go through their period with ease and comfort. For hassle-free shopping with the convenience of free delivery straight to your doorstep, visit

Wellgold International Inc. distributes Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin and Liners and currently available at Watsons, selected Mercury Drug and South Star Drug outlets, SM department store’s health and beauty section, Robinson’s Supermarket and selected department stores, Shopwise, Rustan’s Supermarket, Waltermart, Landmark Department Store, PCX stores, selected Metro Gaisano outlets, plus other selected stores in Visayas and Mindanao. You can also purchase online with free delivery via For more health tips, visit and follow Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: Jeunesse Anion. For inquiries, email: or call (02) 4701294.

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Healthy Habits At Work to Boost Productivity



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When striving to maintain optimal overall health, it’s imperative to instill good habits into your busy work schedule, which can also make you happier and more productive. Plan for success by following these six tips and tricks to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Stay hydrated. Start your day off with a glass of water, staying hydrated improves your rate weight maintenance, mood and energy levels.

Tip: keep a water bottle on your desk in case you forget.

Take breaks. Refrain from sitting all day long — jump at every opportunity you have to step away from your desk and walk around. Short breaks and light exercise are proven to increase productivity and creativity. If you have a one-on-one meeting, make it a walking meeting. You can take a stroll through the office or on your floor while connecting about the task at hand.

Snack smart. Store wholesome snacks at your desk to curb those afternoon cravings. Nuts, dried fruit and microwaveable popcorn are all great ideas. They help you stay full for longer due to their high fiber and healthy fat content, and they don’t expire too quickly. Orville Redenbacher microwaveable popcorn provides you with a satisfying snack in just a few minutes. It’s a convenient option made with 100 per cent whole grain popcorn, which is high in fiber and now most flavors contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Lunchboxes aren’t just for kids. Packing and planning what you eat ahead of time will mitigate problems when the cravings start kicking in. Meal prep is sure to help you stay on track and save money. And don’t delay your meals; eating at regular intervals will help you stay on your A game and fuel your brain.

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