Bryan’s Biggest Accomplishment

Bryan’s Biggest Accomplishment

Managing a project that costs a million pesos is one of the many firsts of Bryan Lloyd Bondoc. A 26-year-old psychology graduate, he did not expect to be part of a group of community volunteers.

Bryan was voted to become the Barangay Sub-Project Committee Chairperson of Barangay Poblacion by the community people, he is also the youngest BSPMC Chairperson in the town of Tabogon, Cebu.

As a psychology major, Bryan was more than ready to face the challenge. Even if the volunteers he handled were mostly older than him, he was not intimated because he was able to adjust and worked his way in understanding the dynamics, attitudes and behaviors of his co-volunteers and the workers, which made the sub-project implementation easier.

Handling different people is easy for Bryan, but the programs processes, are tedious and paperworks was never an easy thing to do. Some would say the process of Kalahi-CIDSS is like passing through the eye of a needle.

Despite his readiness, Bryan also felt the pressure of the job especially the paper works.

For Bryan, the journey was quite challenging. There comes a time when he also wanted to stop, “Hapit na sad jud ko mo undang, kay wala nako nakasabot daghan kaayo papel, na overwhelm ko. Pero nakahunahuna ko, kay gi appoint man ko, so kaya ni nako. It is my responsibility to finish the job so mao na ni completed na (I almost gave up, I was confused there were so many things to do. I was overwhelmed seeing all the documents, I thought, being a BSPMC Chairperson would be easy and I was confident that I could do it smoothly but it did not turn-out that way. Then I realized that I have been chosen by our community, so I take full responsibility in guiding the volunteers so we could finish our implementation of the sub-project), Bryan shared with pride.

Bryan is one of the many volunteers of the Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan, comprehensive integrated Delivery of Social Services (Kalahi-CIDSS) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), who set as a solid example of an empowered community volunteer.
He may be young but he is mature enough to handle different people and to carry out a big sub-project like the construction of the Multi-Purpose Building that he managed, which he considers his biggest accomplishment.