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Global Responsible Business Leadership Awards 2017: “Driving Sustainable Development Goals”

Global Responsible Business Leadership Awards 2017: “Driving Sustainable Development Goals”

Asia Pacific CSR Council supported by UN Global Compact recently held Global Responsible Business Leadership Awards 2017. The objectives of the awards program were:

  • Recognizing leaders who excel in corporate sustainability and corporate responsibility giving them a competitive leadership advantage.
  • Recognizing winners who serve to be benchmarks as exemplar of sustainable business practices to other organizations in accordance to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Creating a network of professionals and practitioners committed to furthering their sustainability agenda globally.

The Awards represent the most prestigious form of recognition for companies globally in Leadership, Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability. The criteria are not only well aligned to the Ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, covering the areas of Environment, Human Rights, Labor Standards and Anti-Corruption but also recognize the organizations achieving triple bottom line success in relation to the 17 SDGs.

For the first time ever, the inaugural Global Responsible Business Leadership Awards aims to recognize and celebrate the success of businesses and organizations, large and small and individual leaders in Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. Achievements in over 36 categories including individual were recognized and honored with its unique award respectively. Winners come from Singapore, India, the Philippines, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Europe, Australia, UAE etc.

The criteria for the nomination submissions included:


To determine if applicant has considered relevant sustainability factors

Stakeholder Engagement

To determine if applicant has taken various stakeholder views and concerns into consideration


To assess performance with regard to mitigating impacts of sustainability trends on company finances and contributing to both local and national economies


To assess performance with regard to resource use, pollution, waste management, etc.


To assess performance with regard to labor management, human rights and impact on society

The awards program aims to promote the concept of Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility as a holistic approach for development globally and enhances the awareness for sustainable development within the business community and society. It also aims to foster corporate transparency and reporting on best practices and achievement, and encourage healthy competition among enterprises while they work towards continuous improvement of social and environmental performance which then leads to sustainable business behavior and economic success.

The event was graced by Her Highness Tengku Muhaini Bte. Sultan Ahmad Shah, the Princess of Pahang State and attended by UN Global Compact representatives, members of Diplomatic Corps of the respective regional embassy, industry peers and members of the media. The event strategic partners were Brit Parking from UK and Max Capital Management Holding Ltd from Hong Kong.

“We are very pleased to be associated with such a prestigious awards program,” said Dato’ Abdul Razak the Managing Director of Brit Parking, Malaysia regional office. Brit Parking, UK’s Help Me Park Gatwick and Cophall Gatwick Parking are London Gatwick Airport approved car parking companies. There are fewer than 10 approved car parking operators for London Gatwick Airport. Approved car parking operators are selected based on reliability as well as whether or not they meet good trading and security park mark standards. Gatwick has revealed plans to become the UK’s first carbon neutral airport by the end of spring. Last year, Gatwick announced it would be the world’s first airport to recycle Category 1 waste at a dedicated, on-site waste plant. Plans are in motion to convert the waste into energy to heat the North Terminal. “We view sustainability and responsibility as a very important component of our business as we strive continuously to fulfill our promises to maximise investors’ return, while advocating sustainable business practices,” added Dato’ Razak.

Max Shangkar,the Global Chief Executive Officer for Max Capital Management Holding Ltd said, “Only through accountable action will businesses thrive. Businesses needs to align with SGDs goals to differentiate themselves from competitors so that they can re-align, re-position and re-invent while seeking to expand in growth sectors.” 

The Organising Chairman, Chris Daniel Wong further added, “The awards showcased global success stories on how businesses can be responsible and yet still achieve the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit.” He further noted that the awards and summit program will continue in other countries such as China and the UK.

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List of Winners for Global Responsible Business Leadership Awards 2017 


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