IPC Collaborates With 1-Net to Expand Data Center Footprints in Asia

IPC Collaborates With 1-Net to Expand Data Center Footprints in Asia

This partnership will enable their customers to expand their data center deployment more efficiently in Singapore and Philippines.

Local cloud services and data center pioneer IPC (IP Converge Data Services, Inc.) today announced that it has established a strategic partnership with 1-Net in Singapore to provide its customers with an interconnected data center network built for an increasingly digitized economy.

This collaboration enables both organization to extend their data center capacity for faster access and deployment of customers in the countries.

IPC and 1-Net are both data center providers who operate carrier-neutral and telco-grade internet data centers in Philippines and Singapore respectively.

This strategic partnership will strengthen the data center services of both providers, ensuring that customers’ data is securely stored. This will also enable enterprises to run mission-critical systems in our facilities while they grow their businesses in the two countries. The partnership will enable both IPC and 1-Net to deploy customers in both Philippines and Singapore with a single contract, allowing quicker deployment without the need to renegotiate service level agreements and contracts.

“Our partnership with 1-Net virtually expands the data center footprint of both companies. Gaining access to data center facilities in Singapore enables our enterprise customers to extend their network into the more mature market in Singapore, and likewise offers the same benefit to regional players present in Singapore who are looking to expand into our bustling Philippines economy for business expansion,” said IPC Chief Executive Officer Reynaldo R. Huergas.

Recent reports from Structure Research[ http://www.datacenterdynamics.com/content-tracks/colo-cloud/singapore-data-center-market-set-for-continued-growth/97086.fullarticle], an independent research and consulting firm, have projected continued growth in data center demand in Asia. Singapore, in particular, is considered a default location for international expansion to the APAC region.

Global companies are increasingly building their own data centers in this Singapore, as well as outsourcing to professional data center services providers.

“We see great potential for Singapore companies to expand into Philippines given the strong growth of cloud computing adoption and increasing digital across the country. This partnership allows us to bring potential customers in the region to each other’s data centers with a standardized service level agreement. Ultimately, we aim to create a data center ecosystem to enable our customers to expand their data center deployment in our regional partners’ facilities more efficiently. We hope this will also help both IPC and 1-Net to gain bigger market shares in this region together,” said Mr. Wong Ka Vin, Managing Director of 1-Net.