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Tieza Botanical Garden – Cebu’s Hidden Paradise in Busay

Tieza Botanical Garden – Cebu’s Hidden Paradise in Busay

Tieza Botanical Garden is located at Brgy. Malubog, Busay, Cebu City. The botanical garden has a mini lake and surrounded by different kinds of celosia flowers and other flower bearing plants.

It’s a hidden paradise located at the foot of Sirao Mountain. Still under development for additional garden plots.

The garden is not a mainstream attraction in Cebu City. Only few tourists and mountaineers had visited the place considering its location and proximity from the main road.


Going There

Rent habal-habal from JY Supermarket to Holiday Busay Pools. From the resort, turn right and head to Brgy. Malubog. Most of the habal-habal drivers knew the place, the only challenge is the road since it’s prone to landslide. Travel time is almost an hour.

Landslide and big rocks along the road.


Tieza Botanical Figures at the entrance


Lakeside Celosia Flowers


Caretakers Abode




To sum up, this is truly a hidden paradise in Busay. The botanical garden is also a great location for prenuptial photo shoots and picnics.

Currently, the botanical garden is not yet open to public due to land disputes and they are still acquiring permits to operate.

Travel Tips

1. Haggle habal-habal transportation fare, some drivers will charge you more than the usual rate.
2. Bring jacket to protect you from sun or from cold weather as the garden is located at the foot of Sirao Mountain.
3. The garden has 2 mini huts for guests to use.
4. Give donation(s) to garden caretakers for maintenance.
5. Avoid littering and maintain cleanliness.

Travel Expense (Head)

JY to Holiday Pools                           P 100.00

Holiday Pools to Tieza Garden         P 50.00

Entrance (Donation)                        P 25.00