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Globe Telecom’s Rogue One Ad Wins at Brand Film Festival New York (Viral Video Bags Best Short Form Award)



Globe Telecom’s advertisement for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, entitled “Mask”, bagged the award for Best Short Form in the recently held 2017 Brand Film Festival New York. Globe Telecom is the first Philippine brand to be part of the film fest’s roster as well as the sole winner for Asia this year.  

The winning ad was part of the company’s #CreateCourage campaign about people fighting battles that others might not immediately see – and how even a fragile child can demonstrate immense strength in the face of adversity.  The campaign was done in partnership with Disney as part of a multi-year alliance with the entertainment giant. 

The Brand Film Festival New York showcased 2016’s most artistic, creative and effective branded content films – from YouTube videos to long-form documentaries. Held annually, it is a unique gathering that honors a new generation of marketing storytellers while rewarding the brands, agencies, and craftspeople leading the way in their fields. 

Entries were open to any organization within the U.S., Americas, and Asia-Pacific. Categories included sports, branded program, brand documentary, and virtual reality, among others. Submissions came from various brands, agencies, production companies and more. The jury comprised of top creatives from the worlds of PR, advertising, digital, production, film and media. This year’s jury chair was Judy John, Leo Burnett’s CEO Canada & Chief Creative Officer in North America. 

The Globe advertisement told the story of Alex, a young Star Wars fan who hides her sickness behind a Stormtrooper mask, and whose mask helps her to be bold even when facing others. The #CreateCourage campaign encouraged people to change their social media profile pictures to creative photos of them wearing Stormtrooper helmets and to complete the caption “#CreateCourage to ____.” The most inspiring posts won special prizes – from movie passes to limited edition Rogue One gift packs, as well as a trip to the Orlando Star Wars Celebration held last April. 

Going beyond the online engagement was also the company’s use of the material to call for donations for the rehabilitation of the pediatric cancer clinic of the Philippine General Hospital that Disney also supported. 

“Creating societal value is important to us in any campaign that we take on. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story had very inspiring values that allowed us to come up with the story for the ad. We are humbled with the opportunity to give children a voice through this ad, shedding light on their resilience despite challenges. Being recognized by an institution such as the Brand Film Festival New York is truly an honor for all of us at Globe,” said Albert de Larrazabal, Chief Commercial Officer, Globe Telecom. 

The #CreateCourage ad also received a citation in the Best Corporate category at the Brand Film Festival awards alongside Nutella® Originals Presents: Spread the Happy Series, Season 1 and CableLabs and Ivory Worldwide for ‘The NearFuture’. It also garnered a silver award at Asian Ad Fest. 

“Mask” also led in the Philippines’ Kidlat Awards which is an annual creative competition celebrating the country’s best and most creative advertising work. Globe brought home the coveted Grand Kidlat award in the Film category as well as Gold awards for Best Direction and Best Editing. 

When it was launched in December 2016, the ad hit viral status in a matter of days, reaching 45 Million views from around the world.  In the first two days of the campaign, the ad received 3.9 million views, 88,000 shares, and 144,000 reactions on the Globe Facebook page. It was also the only Filipino ad to be featured in CNN International’s article on 2016 Holiday Videos, a selection of ads which highlighted tolerance and togetherness; this despite the fact it was not a Christmas-themed story. It has also been featured in international websites such as The Huffington Post, Adweek, and Mashable to name a few.

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One-of-a-Kind Gift Ideas You Can Use this Valentine’s Day



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Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means you’ll have to start looking for a gift soon.  Let Globe myBusiness, the micro, small, and medium enterprise arm of Globe Telecom, introduce you to some great ideas which you can use to wow your significant other.

This year, make Valentine’s Day one to remember when you treat your partner to:

A perfect combination

Those “His” and “Hers” items you find in department stores may seem cheesy to some, but there are more than a few products that are actually quite witty and useful, while at the same time very sweet. With a range that goes from pillows to towels to jewelry to clothing, there are more than a few ways to express your love!

A personalized keepsake

What could be more special than a gift that’s made for your partner alone? Personalized items have become such a hit that you’ll be sure to find names or initials on a multitude of items in just about any mall or shopping center. Make him or her feel one of a kind with something that’s undoubtedly theirs – just like you!


A handmade project

Nothing says “you mean a lot to me” like something you created with your own hands. This kind of gift adds the benefits of something personalized as well: not only is it unique, but it’s tailor-fit to what your partner needs and guaranteed to be useful and appreciated. Most of all, it shows you not only know your partner very well, but also care about what he or she needs.


A gift that keeps on giving

Who says gifts can only be useful once? For the practical partner, even the most unusual “gift” can be romantic if it can be utilized for long. Splurge on something your partner needs around the house, or get them something they’ve always wanted. Not only will they be very grateful, they’ll also be sure to remember you each time they use it.

A delicious feast

Who doesn’t love to eat? Valentine’s Day counts as the ultimate date night. Turn the date itself into a gift by going somewhere extra special. Binge on delicious food, share bites and stories, and most of all relish the calm and romantic ambience that only a very good restaurant has to offer.

A little something for the Earth as well

All kinds of love can be (and are!) celebrated on Valentine’s Day, so extend your care to all the people who matter to both of you. Make sure you show your love for family and friends as well, and while you’re at it, why not give a little something to the Mother we all love, our own planet? You can even turn this into a project you and your partner work together on — because why not?

An experience to remember

It’s one thing to get your partner an object, but it’s a whole other thing to get him or her an experience. Do something you’ve never done as your relationship takes to new heights, and get to know each other better as you’re thrown into all kind of situations or adventures.

A chance to learn something new

If you’re a business owner and you don’t always have time outside of work, yet neither you nor your partner would pass up the chance to discover new things, why don’t you check out a workshop or activity you’ve never tried before? More than just the introduction to what could be a new hobby, it would also be a great bonding opportunity for you two.

Valentine’s Day should be a special occasion simply because it’s there for you to celebrate the most special people. Don’t let it go to waste by giving your partner exactly what he or she deserves — the best!

Globe myBusiness provides digital solutions to local entrepreneurs to help them grow their business.  Follow Globe myBusiness’ Facebook Page at  and check out our wonderful surprises for Valentine’s Day!


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Explore Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Free This Weekend with Xbox Live Gold



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Welcome back Time Patrollers to Conton City! Feel free to explore, train, and converse with the locals this weekend in the world of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for free thanks to Xbox Live Gold. But be warned that we do get the occasional invasion from time to time.

From Wednesday, February 7 at 11:01 p.m. PT to Sunday, February 11 at 11:59 p.m. PT, Xbox Live Gold members can play Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for free. As part of this event, the standard edition of the game will be 75% off, and the deluxe edition will be 50% off on the Microsoft Store during this limited time. Make sure you pick up the game at this discounted price to continue your adventures. Or if you decide to buy it later, your achievements and progress will be saved and waiting for you when you return to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Start your Xenoverse 2 odyssey by developing your own warrior. Customize your Time Patroller with tons of different accessories that you can unlock throughout your adventure, train new skills with a variety of masters taken straight from the “Dragon Ball” saga and encounter all new foes on your way to restore the original story of the “Dragon Ball” series. Best of all, don’t forget to hit up your Xbox Live friends when those raid events go down — in the world of Dragon Ball, fighting with an ally is always better than battling solo.

Once you’ve finished the epic story mode and you need some more action, consider checking out the Xenoverse 2 Season Pass which will also be 50% off. The Season Pass extends the game with new playable characters, new quests, more masters to train with and new accessories, costumes and skills for your avatar.

You can download Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 by clicking on the Gold Member area on the home dashboard or downloading directly from the Microsoft Store.

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Apple Music to Overtake Spotify in Us Subscribers This Summer as It Hits 36m Globally



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While Spotify has long-held a lead over Apple in streaming music subscribers, the gap between the two is slowly narrowing, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. The report, citing “people in the record business,” explains that Apple Music is adding subscribers in the United States at a faster rate than Spotify…

Apple Music has been adding new subscribers at a 5 percent monthly rate, whereas Spotify is growing at a slower 2 percent rate. If those rates hold steady through the coming months, Apple Music will overtake Spotify in terms of U.S. subscriber count by this summer.

Furthermore, The Wall Street Journal says Apple has confirmed that it now has 36 million paying Apple Music subscribers. That number is up from the 30 million Apple Music’s Jimmy Iovine had previously touted last September.

Neither Spotify nor Apple break out subscriber count by country, so it’s unclear how many of Apple Music’s 36 million subscribers are based in the United States. Furthermore, Spotify recently touted 70 million subscribers, but again, an exact number for the United States is unclear.

In terms of the global market, today’s report notes that Spotify is still growing at a slightly faster rate than Apple Music.

Spotify is widely considered the dominant force in the streaming world, with Apple at a distant second. To be sure, Spotify is larger globally and continues to grow slightly faster. But that the No. 2 streaming service is quietly gaining ground in the largest music-subscription market in the world signals Spotify now has significant competition.

When you look at the market including people who are on free trials, however, Apple Music has already overtaken Spotify. As previous reports have indicated, when factoring in Apple Music’s three-month free trial, it has more subscribers than Spotify.

For Spotify, this news is notable in that it’s currently planning its initial public offering. The streaming company is said to have confidentially filed IPO documents in December, aiming to start trading by the end of March. Thus, suggestions that Apple Music is growing at a faster clip than it is could worry some potential investors.

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Spirit Falls Head Over Heels in Love With a Mortal in Romantic Teen Movie “Every Day”



Can you have a relationship with a soul who inhabits a different body every day – sometimes boy, sometimes girl, sometimes the school quarterback, sometimes the outcast? Find out the answers in the preternatural young adult movie “Every Day” directed by award-winning Michael Sucsy.

“Every Day” is based on David Levithan’s tome that resonated so deeply with his readers that it spent months on the New York Times bestseller list and spawned online chat groups, fan art and writing. The movie tells the story of Rhiannon (Angourie Rice), a 16-year old girl who falls in love with a mysterious soul named “A” who inhabits a different body every day. Rhiannon and A work each day to find each other, not knowing what or who the next day will bring. The more the two fall in love, the more the realities of loving someone who is a different person every 24 hours takes a toll, leaving Rhiannon and A to face the hardest decision either has ever had to make.

Rhiannon is a good 16-year old – she helps out at home, doesn’t cause trouble, and does well at school. However, her family has been struggling – her father had a nervous breakdown and stopped working leaving her mother the pressure of being the sole breadwinner.

At school things are little better – Rhiannon’s boyfriend Justin is the popular athlete, however, he’s also self-centered and takes Rhiannon for granted. That is, until one day when Justin shows up at school acting differently. Suddenly, he’s attentive and curious and sweet. Taken aback and enamoured, Rhiannon suggests they play hooky and steal away to Baltimore. The two take off in Justin’s car, listen to music and sing along, share stories they’ve never shared before, and play at the beach. It is a day like they’ve never had before: perfect. Yet the next morning at school, Justin seems back to normal and he barely remembers what they talked about or the day they spent together. Rhiannon is perturbed, but tries to shake it off. Not long after, Rhiannon meets a few other teenagers her age and finds out that it is A who inhabits these teens but only for 24 hours. Rhiannon is naturally disbelieving at first, until A manages to make contact with her a few more times over the next few days and eventually proves they are telling the truth.

What follows is an extraordinary love story that transcends external appearances and physical limitations. “Every Day” is a love story about loving someone truly and completely for who they are in their heart and soul, regardless of what is on the outside.

The movie also stars today’s exciting young stars including Justice Smith (Netflix’s “The Get Down”), Owen Teague (“Bloodline,” “IT”), Debby Ryan (Disney’s “Jessie”), Colin Ford (“We Bought A Zoo”), Lucas Jade Zumann (“Sense8”) and Jacob Batalon (“Spider-Man: Homecoming”).

“Every Day” opens February 21 in cinemas from Pioneer Films / Viewer’s Choice Philippines.

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