Capitol Offices Comply SGLG Requirements

Capitol Offices Comply SGLG Requirements

Work places in the Cebu Capitol have substantially submitted the requirements for this year’s Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) following the on-site inspection of the SGLG’s Regional Assessment Team (RAT) held last Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

SGLG, a mechanism under the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) that tracks the performance of local government units, is currently conducting on-site validation of all Capitol clustered offices starting last Tuesday.

Earlier that day, RAT conducted an assessment process over Capitol’s clustered offices in four core areas, namely: Financial Administration, Disaster Preparedness, Social Protection, and Peace and Order with sub-areas on Tourism, Culture and the Arts, and Business-Friendly and Competitiveness.

During the authentication, Capitol offices submitted reports for pre-assessment on disclosure policy, solid waste management, prepositioning of relief assistance, disaster preparedness and PWD ramps with hand rails and elevators.

DILG 7 assistant regional director Elias Fernandez Jr., said once an LGU passes the SGLG, it will receive numerous incentives like P7 million cash for the province. On top of that, Fernandez said, an LGU SGLG passer also receives grants from Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) to finance its development projects.

“Winners sa SGLG dali ra ka obtain og loan from banks,” said Fernandez.

Capitol, an SGLG 2016 qualifier, easily obtained loan from Land Bank and Development Bank of the Philippines for its heavy equipment purchases and other infrastructure projects.

At the end of the day, the RAT panel commended Capitol offices for having substantially complied with all SGLG requirements. However, the panel will check, validate, and clarify these reports.

Fernandez said that next month, a DILG main office representative will visit the province to validate reports RAT submitted to them and will release its assessment report to the SGLG main office before June 21. The SGLG list of final passers will be posted by September.

By October, which is Local Government month, SGLG winners will be given awards, said Fernandez.

For pre-assessment, the Capitol clustered its offices for financial administration, disaster preparedness, social protection, business, peace and order, environmental management and tourism, and culture and the arts.

Financial administration cluster are composed of PAC, HRMO, PBO, PTO, PAD, PS and CSBT. Disaster preparedness includes PDRMMO, PPDO, PSWDO, and CPHO. Social protection involves PSWDO, CPHO and DepEd Province and the Provincial School Board.

Tourism office for tourism, culture and the arts, while PENRO for Environment management cluster. (OCP)