Davide: There is War vs Economic Stability

Davide: There is War vs Economic Stability

Governor Hilario P. Davide III urged Cebuanos to remain alert amid the continuous design to destroy the country’s economic gains, values and environment as shown in the recent Marawi City siege.

Davide, in a speech during the 119th observance of the anniversary of the Philippine Independence on Monday, explained that in the midst of the disorder, Cebuanos should maintain vigilance as ‘ the unity and peace in our country have always been under threat.’

“Mas hatagan nato og bili ang atong katungod nga mangilabot sa kalihokan ug pamaagi sa atong komyunidad ug nasud.” Davide said.

Davide said that to win this war, everyone should become an active member of the community. “At the same time, I urge everyone to be responsible in sharing information especially on social media.” Davide said.

The governor, also the chairman of the Regional Peace and Order Council, said the Cebuanos should exercise watchfulness in its own localities and avoid pointless panic that could only worsen the situation.

“Martial law or no Martial law, the safety and security of everyone is our paramount concern.” He said adding that the government is up against those who seek to destroy unity and peace.

“Kining atong pagsaulog sa Independence Day, gipahinumduman kita sa pagkamahinungdanon sa kagawasan,” said Davide.

At present, Davide said, there is war against economic stability and prosperity and that there are forces that seek to destroy the foundations of the nation.

“Wala na may mananakop (karon) apan aduna gihapo’y mga hulga sa atong kahapsay ug kalinaw,” said Davide, adding that there are “forces that seek to destroy the family; forces that seek to destroy the future of our children.”

Moreover, Davide expressed hope over the present conflict in Marawi City which has caused the death of more than 40 government soldiers including Cebuano Reymond Paracuelles.

“Our dream of nationhood could not be slain. Yes, the Filipino will win the war in Mindanao,” said Davide.

Meanwhile, Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Secretary Fortunato de la Peña, in a message, said that defending the country is an unending task.

“There are events around us now which reminds us that defending our country is a continuing mission and responsibility,” said De la Peña in reference to the on-going conflict in Marawi City.

The Secretary recalls the brave Cebuanos in Philippine history. He cited Lapu-Lapu, who fought against the Spanish invaders and recollected the gallantry of Pantaleon Villegas also known today as Leon Kilat.

He also made mentioned of former Revolutionary General Arcadio Maxilom, is best known for obstinately refusing to surrender to the American forces when his fellow revolutionaries were starting to capitulate.

He also expressed gratitude to the fallen heroes of the Second World War.

De la Peña was guest of honor during the simultaneous flag-raising activity in observance of this year’s Independence Day Celebration.

“I know the Cebuanos are hardworking, very dedicated and brave, and I am sure together we can help raise our country to a position of honor and leadership in the family of nation,” said De la Peña.

Davide and Vice Governor Agnes Magpale, together with some 300 Capitol employees, raise the Philippine Flag at the Capitol grounds in an annual occasion that marks the nation’s independence from the Spanish rule on June 12, 1898.