Isuzu Educates Drivers with Fleet Safety Driving Training Series

Isuzu Educates Drivers with Fleet Safety Driving Training Series

It is a fact that increasing fuel and repair costs are, and will remain big issues for truck operators in the Philippines. Fuel and repair costs have big portions of the operational expenses which can be decreased if the driver operates with proper driving skills.

Given these facts, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), as part of their comprehensive after-sales support program will conduct the Fleet Safety Driving Training Series, which will be conducted by Isuzu’s expert truck engineers and technicians on June 29-30, 2017 in Citi de Mare, SRP.

The training will include familiarization with Isuzu’s heavy-duty trucks as well as proper vehicle operation to promote better fuel efficiency and lessen vehicle breakdown. It will also include actual truck driving with in-vehicle coaching to teach your designated driver/s proper driving techniques, gear shifting and vehicle inspection which is all vital in maintaining the truck’s excellent performance.

The objective of this training is to provide participants with the required theory and practical training which would enable them to safely and efficiently operate an Isuzu heavy-duty truck (C&E Series).

Topics to be covered:
MJX16 & MJT7S Transmission Operation
C & E Series Truck Drivers Guide and Daily Inspection
Some Tips on How to Drive Economically and Efficiently

Practical component (In-vehicle instruction):
Actual truck driving coached by expert Isuzu truck driver/engineer (IML)SSS
Actual truck inspection coached by expert Isuzu service technician (IML & IPC)
As a part of its after-sales program for fleet customers, IPC conducts the training series FREE of Charge.

Isuzu Philippines is hoping that this program can help train truck drivers in improving fuel efficiency and lessen the vehicle repairs and breakdown.