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Kaguliyang sa Mindanao Dili Mahimong Babag sa mga Turista

Kaguliyang sa Mindanao Dili Mahimong Babag sa mga Turista

Tourism industry plays important role in putting our country in the world map. Here, we can say that we gain grounds in convincing tourists through the index of tourist volume coming in and hastily offer it as indubitable proof of confidence of people from the world over.

To say that the path which our country is threading right now is uncertain is not far from the truth. However, I still believe that good things can happen amidst the war in Marawi City and other unfortunate events like the incident in Resorts World Manila that happened recently.

People’s vigilance and alertness must be raised to high levels at all times. Maintaining open communications to the authorities should be the rule of the day to keep lawlessness at bay. Let’s remember, a tranquil state of environment unhampered by threat of violence is always considered by tourists as yardstick to make a tourist destination their second home.