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Balaod Militar Magpabilin???

Balaod Militar Magpabilin???

A nation that is governed by the rule of law stands out and weathers against the most offensive criticism one can ever imagine. It cannot be toppled down if it is led by somebody who is vested with such power provided in the constitution and from the vast majority of our people.

What everyone considers as neck and neck fight to the finish in the halls of the Supreme Court when contending parties argued the pros and cons of Martial Law declaration is now proven to be an overwhelming victory of the enlightened minds over the doomsayers and pessimists.

The Supreme Court has spoken with an exclamation point when it voted 11-3-1 to uphold the constitutionality of Proclamation 216 which imposed Martial Law in Mindanao.

The voice of the people who supported the declaration of Martial Law was heard clearly and would continue to be heard until such time that threats to democracy are neutralized for good.