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Dili Kabiyaan ni Digong ang Panginahanglan sa mga Nanginahanglan

Dili Kabiyaan ni Digong ang Panginahanglan sa mga Nanginahanglan

Smarting from his soaring popularity in latest SWS Survey, Digong proves that he is not just good in leading a nation away from the clutches of terrorist attack. He is equally uncompromising in terms of restoring peace, order and providing assistance in Leyte.

Not too long ago, he sternly warned Secretary of Health, Ubial, to fast track the processes in releasing funds for the embattled soldiers in war-torn Marawi City. This time around, his hands are full attending to the needs of the displaced residents of Leyte. Wherever and whenever he is needed, he’ll gladly make his presence felt for the downtrodden and abused sector of society. The husband whose wife and children were massacred in Bulacan, he called on Digong for help and help he got. One suspect was arrested and two (2) persons of interest were eliminated for good by motorcycle-riding men. It was swift justice.

The magnitude with which the earthquake struck Leyte, being at 6.5 in richter scale, should not be considered as significant if we look at it in the context of the massive relief effort provided by various Non Government Organizations (NGO) and the government itself. In unity there is strength, so to speak.

In keeping with his dynamic and firebrand leadership, Digong is here to stay.