Image Source: A Poem A Day - blogger



In a world full of greed
Dishonesty and despair

Never lose faith
God is there

When you feel alone
And lose sight

The devils strong but he
Won’t win this fight

God is there to guide
You through

Pray from the heart
He has room for you

Pray for forgiveness
And God to come into your heart

He’ll guide you and show you
It’s the right start

God will help you
Fight the temptation

But make the effort
And pray for salvation

If you think your lost
You’ll act like it too

But when God’s on your side
You’ll feel brand new

Things can get hard
And be pretty rough

God is the answer
He’ll make you tough

No matter your trouble
Or tribulation

Leave it to God and He’ll
Show you, your destination.

By Chandra Harrington