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Former President Noy Aquino’s indictment into the botched Mamasapano operation has come to a point where we, as a country and people, still face the issue of whether justice can truly be administered to SAF 44 according to the people’s evaluation on the bloody incident.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Already, undue delay was incurred before the Ombudsman resolved the complaint implicating the former president. There is no gainsaying that this latest development will ultimately lead to his conviction. Justice, as we know it applying the rules of law, is a double edged sword.

Glimmer of hope

Having said so, there’s gotta be more reason to rejoice over this glimmer of hope afforded by the Ombudsman than allowing ourselves to be swallowed by hopelessness. With our continuing vigilance over passivity, our quest for truth and search for the real culprit of the killing of SAF 44 walk on.