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Moretiro na si Pacman Human sa Iyang Kaparotan???

Moretiro na si Pacman Human sa Iyang Kaparotan???

Boxing fans are ushered to a new era. Pacman’s defeat is the confirmation that he’s way past his prime in the sports of boxing.

His greatest challenger is not his opponent but himself. A look into Pacman’s public pronouncements prior to his match with Jeff Horn would show that he continued to dangle the idea of a rematch with Floyd Mayweather.

Pacman should be man enough to say no to his insatiable desire of giving false hopes to his fans, making them believe that he is the same Pacman of old. The way he fought his latest match against Jeff Horn, Pacman showed that he is already old.

Whoever says that life begins at 40 is blatantly wrong. For Pacman who has had enough in his entire career, fame and fortune included, its high time to consider his match with Jeff Horn his swan song. Its not a shame to park at 38 years old. Doing it will make his fans endear him.

After all, the greatest victory awaits those who recognize that they are still mortals, and those who know the limit of their strengths and weakness.