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Tagbilaran Produces its First ROBNS

Tagbilaran Produces its First ROBNS

The City of Friendship got the limelight after producing its first-ever Regional Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar (ROBNS) trophy courtesy of BNS Nemesia L. Lanit, of Barangay Poblacion I, Tagbilaran City. Having served for the last 28 years, Ms. Lanit is an example of an empowered and passionate public servant. She started as a volunteer in 1989 and has worked tirelessly to contribute to her barangay’s nutrition status improvement.

To do so, she makes sure to closely monitor the malnutrition situation in her barangay by monthly and quarterly weighing which was consolidated into by puroks or by BHWs assigned areas. She also provides nutrition information, through house to house visits especially to households with priority-target children, meetings and providing updates to members of their breastfeeding support groups.

Her excellent record keeping and updated system of documentation has eased and systematized monitoring and evaluation which contributed to an efficient tracking of their nutrition program implementation.

“I am very thankful to the National Nutrition Council 7 for recognizing my efforts along with the other BNSs who faithfully and wholeheartedly serves each community when it comes to nutrition. I’m also grateful to the members of our barangay nutrition council for their dedicated support in our programs particularly in nutrition,” said Ms. Lanit.

Her commitment to bring sustainable nutrition services to each and every member of her community is something truly to look up to as it has gained tangible results starting with the rapid decrease in undernutrition rate in her barangay by almost 98% in the recent years. NGS