Globe myBusiness Powers Up Cebu-Based Manufacturer Coast Pacific with Digital Solutions

Globe myBusiness Powers Up Cebu-Based Manufacturer Coast Pacific with Digital Solutions

Globe myBusiness continues to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, this time powering Cebu-based furniture manufacturer Coast Pacific, by offering digital solutions to enhance its day-to-day business operations through technology and communications.

Coast Pacific is a renowned furniture manufacturing business that has been operating in Cebu since 1993. Its owner, Tina Lo, has been in the business as early as 1984, when she and her husband moved to the province to run his family’s furniture manufacturing business full-time. The couple seized an opportunity and opened Coast Pacific, specializing in indoor furniture made from traditional rattan. It soon attracted customers from London, Milan, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and the Middle East.

But through the years, Coast Pacific faced tough competition and rising costs.

“We needed to evolve to keep up with the changing tastes of the market. Operational issues, such as expensive long-distance calls, monitoring employees to ensure quality, and even security were concerns for Coast Pacific,” Lo shares.

To stay competitive, Lo partnered with Globe myBusiness to digitize its business. Globe myBusiness’ connectivity powers up their cloud-based system and paperwork to optimize business operations, RFID, and CCTV systems to monitor the workplace and maintain productivity, and chat apps to coordinate with international clients and in-house designers.

“We are committed to helping MSMEs create their success, understanding that business owners worked hard to get to where they are. Our goal is to support them through our topnotch selection of business solutions and managed services,” says Globe myBusiness Head and Senior Advisor Derrick Heng.

Under its portfolio, Globe myBusiness offers mobile, internet, landline, data, and other solutions to streamline operations, especially those who want to grow their business using digital tools. Each of the services can be customized to fit the industry it serves. Now, it’s expanding its reach by partnering with the manufacturing industry.

“I believe that you have to evolve with the times, keep abreast of what is relevant to your market, and be able to grab opportunities as they come,” Lo adds.

Now, Coast Pacific has expanded its range from rattan to including bamboo lamination, coconut, and leather. They also supply furniture to 5-star hotels and luxury residences.

Lo says that success is being able to build your name and maintain your credibility. With Globe myBusiness’ suite of technological innovations, success is within reach for every MSME.

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