Image Source: Philippine Center for Gifted Education

PCGE Calls for ‘Bagong Rizal’ Search Nominations

PCGE Calls for ‘Bagong Rizal’ Search Nominations

The Philippine Center for Gifted Education, Inc. (PCGE) said that those interested to join the nationwide search for the “Mga Bagong Rizal: Pag-asa ng Bayan” have until the end of this month to submit their nomination.

Letecia Peñano-Ho, PCGE president, said all nominations and supporting documents should not be more than 25 pages and should be addressed and mailed to the PCGE Office at PCGE Room 403, Greenhills Mansion, 37 Annapolis Street, San Juan City.

PCGE advised not to send originals. All submittals will not be returned.

The announcement was made by the organizers to encourage participation in the search which is conducted biennially by PCGE with Mercury Drug Foundation, Inc. as a tribute to Dr. Jose P. Rizal on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

The search is open to pupils/students from Grades 3 to College level in a public or private school, vocational course, or an out-of-school youth.

The nominee is expected to and has been recognized for an outstanding ability or excellence in one or more of the following categories (confirmed through awards or certification by award-giving bodies either local, regional, national, or international):

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence. Ability to think in patterns and relationships; calculative.

Linguistic Intelligence. Dexterity for words, written or spoken, for expression and


Visual Spatial Intelligence. Facility to acquire concrete concepts and to think in terms of physical space.

Musical Intelligence. Sensitivity to rhythm and sound and appreciative to a variety of musical forms.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence. Capacity of using one’s own body skillfully as means of expression.

Intrapersonal Intelligence. Faculty to understand fully oneself; intuitive and independent.

Naturalistic Intelligence. Aptitude to identify and classify the components that make up our environment.

The winners are selected to emulate the ideals of our National Hero and to exemplify his excellence, creativity, passion, and values to the present generation of the youth.

For more details, interested parties are advised to visit the PCGE website at (PCGE/jscPIA6)