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The Ultimate Guide to Body Changes When Pregnant



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The human body can handle miraculous things. Growing and birthing a baby is just one of them. It’s important to know all the changes that your body goes through to allow a baby to grow. You’ll understand more about the symptoms and discomforts that you experience while understanding more about what your growing baby needs from you.

This is your ultimate guide to all the body changes. We’ll look at not just how your organs shift or how much weight you gain, but how your energy levels, eyesight, and cognitive functions can change. Are you ready to delve into the world of pregnancy changes? You may be surprised by some of them.

The Early Signs Are Changes

Technically, those early signs of pregnancy that you get are changes to your body. One of the most common ways for women to tell they’re pregnant is the missed period. They can also experience a little cramping around the implantation stage when the egg is getting comfortable in your uterus. Home pregnancy tests are now extremely accurate and will help you determine if you are in the early stages or not.

Many women will experience tiredness in the earlier stages. Your body is working hard to get ready for this growing baby. The fetus zaps away your nutrients to help it grow, so you’re left with less to support your own body. Don’t worry about this! Your body will adapt.

The ability to adapt to the fewer nutrients is one of the unnoticed changes. Your body will tell you that you need to sleep more throughout the day and encourage you to rest. Just a few short naps in the day can help you feel human again.

Hormonal changes are also experienced, although you won’t necessarily know they’re happening. Pregnancy hormone increases can lead to pregnancy sickness. It’s usually nicknamed morning sickness, as it tends to happen mostly in the morning. However, there are women who experience all-day sickness. Certain foods may make you nauseous, even just the smell of them. You may find your sickness is worse if you let yourself get hungry.

Most of the time, your morning sickness will disappear by the second trimester. If it is so bad that you can’t stomach water or any food, you should discuss this with your doctor.

The hormones can also lead to more frequent urination. This gets worse as your baby grows and starts pushing on your bladder. There isn’t much room in there, so your organs will need to move around and take up less space than they’re used to. That means you can’t quite hold in as much urine as you used to.

The Shifting of Organs and Growing Belly

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The most notable change in pregnancy is to your stomach area. Your belly will grow as your baby gets bigger. Some babies sit back, keeping the bump small. However, others can sit forward, forcing your belly to stick out further. Your belly button can also push out, despite always having an “inny” growing up.

If you are already of a larger size, you may not initially notice the growing belly. This can also depend on the positioning of the baby. Friends may overlook your belly until the second trimester, which can be useful if you’re trying to keep it quite at work.

Subsequent pregnancies tend to show earlier than your first. Your body knows what to expect and will start making room right away.

The organs will shift during pregnancy. You may find your stomach and liver are pushed up towards your chest cavity, while your bladder, kidneys, and intestines are forced down. Your baby wants the space to itself, understandably.

These organ shifts won’t be visible, but you can experience symptoms. We’ve already discussed the frequent urination, but your eating habits and breathing abilities can change. As your stomach is pushed further into the lungs, you can find your lungs don’t quite have the space to fill with air. Your breaths get shallow and light.

As for eating, you may find your stomach feels fuller sooner. You don’t eat as much as you used to. Don’t worry about this, as your body can handle with the smaller number of calories you are getting. Just make sure you follow a healthy and balanced diet to get the nutrients you and your growing baby need.

Some women experience bad stomach acid reflux. This is due to the positioning of the stomach and the size. It’s easier for the stomach acid to escape up the pipes and into the mouth. Heartburn and indigestion are also common, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. Most women experience these on a night and find they need to lay propped up slightly to avoid the feeling of acid in their throat.

With your intestines and colon getting smaller spaces, the food and waste can’t pass through as easily or as quickly. Women tend to find constipation is common.

Changes That You’ll Notice

While a protruding belly is one of the symptoms you’ll notice, there are others that are commonly overlooked until they happen. There is a common statement of a “pregnancy glow.” As your hormones change, your skin can look rosy and shiny now and then. Your body has more blood flowing through it, which shows in your skin.

However, not all women experience this glow. The change in hormones can lead to acne flare-ups, especially if you suffered from these flare-ups as a teenager. Most of the time the acne is temporary and will disappear after pregnancy. There are times that it can stick around afterward, so you may want to speak to your doctor.

Redness and inflammation of the skin can also appear. If you do have to swell, talk to your doctor. While many people will say, that swelling is common, when it’s in the arms and face it can be a sign of a medical problem.

Another outer change you’ll likely notice is to your breasts. They will start to get bigger, as they prepare for breastfeeding. Even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding, the breasts will get ready; they don’t know your plans!

Don’t worry if you see your nipples and the area around them getting darker or small bumps forming. These are completely normal and are to help your baby find your breasts. Babies have poor eyesight from birth, so the dark spots help them locate the food.

Due to pregnancy hormones and the growing period, your breasts can feel tender and heavy. You shouldn’t feel any lumps though. Keep doing your usual checks to make sure there are no other health problems.

Blue veins can also appear on your breasts. They may also appear on other parts of the body. They’re known as spider veins and are due to the body pumping more blood around the system. They will disappear after pregnancy usually.

You shouldn’t lay on your back during pregnancy, but if you do you may see the middle of your stomach protruding as you sit up. This is because the muscles in your stomach can separate and your baby and other organs can start to push through that gap. You want to avoid this happening as much as possible. Don’t use the stomach muscles to sit up. Instead, roll to one side and push yourself up with your arms.

Changes to Your Vaginal Area

Your vagina may lose some sensitivity during pregnancy, as the wall becomes thicker. Your body is preparing you for the birth of your baby. However, the discharge can become thin with a white tinge. If you see some bleeding, don’t initially panic. Around 50% of women will experience bleeding in their pregnancies, but only 25% will experience a miscarriage. Spotting is common when the egg is implanting in the uterus. Do mention any bleeding to your doctor, especially in later stages of pregnancy.

You shouldn’t have any pain. Some mild discomfort can be normal, but pain with bleeding is a serious sign, and you need to talk to your doctor. If there is severe pain, go to your nearest hospital.

Cognitive Changes During Pregnancy

We mentioned that there are some cognitive changes. Your hormones will affect your whole body.

The first is the tiredness, which can have an extra effect on your brain. When you feel tired, you will find it harder to concentrate or remember things. There is a common condition called “baby brain.” You may experience fogginess or short-term memory loss, such as forgetting why you walked into a room or who you were going to call. Many women laugh about it because it is normal things that they struggle to remember.

Of course, there are also emotional changes. Mood swings are normal. You’re tired, forgetful, and feel heavy. While you know pregnancy is a wonderful thing and leads to a beautiful baby, you may not be quite so happy about all the changes happening. That is perfectly normal.

On top of that, your vision can change. The hormones affect blood flow to the eyes and can affect the cornea shape. You may develop astigmatism or find you can’t quite see the road signs with your current eye glasses. These changes are perfectly normal and usually minor, but they do get annoying. Many of them will reverse once you’ve given birth.

Changes to Your Teeth and Gums

Your eyes aren’t the only things affected by the blood flow and hormonal changes. Your mouth will be affected. There is more blood in your body, and it must go somewhere. That somewhere is usually to your mouth to escape through your gums.

Many pregnant women experience swollen and bleeding gums. It’s important to look after your teeth to avoid tooth decay and gum disease because of the swelling. Your dentist will help to keep track of the swelling and assess the damage after your pregnancy if you’re worried.

If you don’t get the right amount of nutrients through your diet for your baby, your body will steal it from you. Calcium is necessary, and the body takes it from the bones and teeth if necessary. This will mean your teeth can feel loser and may become damaged more easily.

Get regular check-ups with your dentist. Avoid the x-rays until your baby is born. If you need a filling, you may want a temporary one until after the birth.

Your Ligaments and Tendons Are Affected

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Those aches and pains that you hear women complaining about during pregnancy aren’t just linked to the growing weight of the baby. While the weight does put pressure on your back and hips, your ligaments and tendons also change during this time of life.

Your body is getting ready for you to push the baby out. Even if you’ve planned a C-section, your body will prepare for getting the baby out of your vagina. It needs to loosen the muscles, ligaments, and tendons to allow for that. Unfortunately, this can mean aches and pain.

Two of the most common issues in pregnant women are SPD and carpel tunnel syndrome—yes, your wrists can be affected despite having nothing to do with pregnancy.

SPD is experienced in the hips. The pain can shoot into the thighs, and it can be difficult to walk. It’s due to the loosening hips joints, ready to push apart when the baby comes out. Many women will experience it mostly in the third trimester, but if this is a subsequent pregnancy, it can happen earlier.

As for the carpal tunnel, the swelling and inflammation in the body will lead to the compression of nerves. If you get swelling in your fingers, your nerves in your wrists are affected. You may experience pain in your forearms and up to your shoulders.

While ibuprofen is recommended to help ease muscle and tendon pain, doctors will not usually recommend it during pregnancy. If this is a problem, talk to your doctor about your pain killer options.

The Changes to Your Body in Pregnancy Are Amazing

There is so much happening in your body during pregnancy. Your body knows how to prepare you for this growing baby and starts from the very first moment it sees a spike in your hormones. It will take some of the energy you must give to your baby. You can experience some nutritional loss, especially if you don’t have a balanced diet.

These changes don’t last forever. You will find that your body returns to normal after pregnancy. The pain will end, you should get rid of the acne, and your eyesight will usually return to normal.


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One-of-a-Kind Gift Ideas You Can Use this Valentine’s Day



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Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means you’ll have to start looking for a gift soon.  Let Globe myBusiness, the micro, small, and medium enterprise arm of Globe Telecom, introduce you to some great ideas which you can use to wow your significant other.

This year, make Valentine’s Day one to remember when you treat your partner to:

A perfect combination

Those “His” and “Hers” items you find in department stores may seem cheesy to some, but there are more than a few products that are actually quite witty and useful, while at the same time very sweet. With a range that goes from pillows to towels to jewelry to clothing, there are more than a few ways to express your love!

A personalized keepsake

What could be more special than a gift that’s made for your partner alone? Personalized items have become such a hit that you’ll be sure to find names or initials on a multitude of items in just about any mall or shopping center. Make him or her feel one of a kind with something that’s undoubtedly theirs – just like you!


A handmade project

Nothing says “you mean a lot to me” like something you created with your own hands. This kind of gift adds the benefits of something personalized as well: not only is it unique, but it’s tailor-fit to what your partner needs and guaranteed to be useful and appreciated. Most of all, it shows you not only know your partner very well, but also care about what he or she needs.


A gift that keeps on giving

Who says gifts can only be useful once? For the practical partner, even the most unusual “gift” can be romantic if it can be utilized for long. Splurge on something your partner needs around the house, or get them something they’ve always wanted. Not only will they be very grateful, they’ll also be sure to remember you each time they use it.

A delicious feast

Who doesn’t love to eat? Valentine’s Day counts as the ultimate date night. Turn the date itself into a gift by going somewhere extra special. Binge on delicious food, share bites and stories, and most of all relish the calm and romantic ambience that only a very good restaurant has to offer.

A little something for the Earth as well

All kinds of love can be (and are!) celebrated on Valentine’s Day, so extend your care to all the people who matter to both of you. Make sure you show your love for family and friends as well, and while you’re at it, why not give a little something to the Mother we all love, our own planet? You can even turn this into a project you and your partner work together on — because why not?

An experience to remember

It’s one thing to get your partner an object, but it’s a whole other thing to get him or her an experience. Do something you’ve never done as your relationship takes to new heights, and get to know each other better as you’re thrown into all kind of situations or adventures.

A chance to learn something new

If you’re a business owner and you don’t always have time outside of work, yet neither you nor your partner would pass up the chance to discover new things, why don’t you check out a workshop or activity you’ve never tried before? More than just the introduction to what could be a new hobby, it would also be a great bonding opportunity for you two.

Valentine’s Day should be a special occasion simply because it’s there for you to celebrate the most special people. Don’t let it go to waste by giving your partner exactly what he or she deserves — the best!

Globe myBusiness provides digital solutions to local entrepreneurs to help them grow their business.  Follow Globe myBusiness’ Facebook Page at  and check out our wonderful surprises for Valentine’s Day!


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5 Places You Can Visit to Make Valentine’s Day More Special



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There are lots of places where you can spend Valentine’s Day but making it more special means finding venues with unique offers that help create new and memorable experiences.

Lucky for you, Globe myBusiness, the micro, small, and medium-enterprise arm of Globe Telecom, has compiled a list of special places you should visit to make sure your day of hearts will be one for the books:

Spa and Wellness Centers

Relaxation is at its finest in spas and wellness centers. These places offer different ways to de-stress, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Among the things you can try are massages from skillful masseurs. Coupled with aromatherapy, massages can help you feel refreshed in just a few minutes. On another note, some spas and wellness centers offer unique amenities like saunas, fish spas, jacuzzis, and hydromassage pools that are guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

Camping Sites

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box experience on this special day of love, why not try camping and lounge on the best of what nature has to offer?

Groups of professional hikers and mountaineers are now offering this experience in different campsites near Metro Manila. Also, some resorts take camping to the next level by offering “glamping” as one of their options for accommodation. Glamping lets you enjoy the best of nature with resort amenities.

Beachside Resorts

Beachside resorts are in high demand during summer months, but that doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day would be a bad time to enjoy the sand and sea.

In the sea, you can try kayaking, canoeing, or even island hopping for beachside resorts in places like Boracay, Alaminos, and Puerto Galera. If you want to check what’s underwater, you can try snorkeling, scuba diving, or riding glass-bottom boats. On land, you can explore different areas of a resort or schedule dinners by the seaside.

Historical Churches

Central Luzon houses some of the oldest churches in the Philippines, making it a popular spot for pilgrims and tourists alike, even on Valentine’s Day. Be it in Pampanga, Bataan, Zambales, or Tarlac, you’ll surely encounter popular churches with rich histories.

One example is the Monasterio De Tarlac, which is a monastery located at the top of Mount Resurrection that showcases a relic of the cross where Jesus Christ died. A 30-foot colossal statue of Jesus Christ also stands on top of the mountain, making it a popular destination, especially during the Holy Week.

Annual Festivals

A lot of festivals take place in the month of February and luckily, some of them are dated near Valentine’s Day!

The renowned Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City is a celebration of the city’s floral crops showcased through huge floats and artistic displays. Crowds from across the country flock to Baguio City just for this event, which this year will be held on February 24, 2018.

If you want to make an advance trip for Valentine’s Day, the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga, is a sure-fire destination for your senses as well. The festival will take place from February 8 to 11, 2018, perfect for couples and families who want to experience something that they don’t see every day.

Valentine’s Day is a day of love. Be it a date with just your partner or a group date with your whole family, taking the time off work and spending valuable time with them is an investment in itself. After all, your business is for the people who matter the most.

With these suggestions, you’ll surely have a rich and worthwhile Valentine’s Day experience that will help inspire your success in the years to come!

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Three Ways to Upgrade Your Lifestyle This Year



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Don’t let limited funds dampen your curiosity or dreams of learning more about a new place and culture this year. Check out these smart and frugal travel tips for exciting international experiences.

Learn something new

Developing a new skill is a great first step towards self-improvement. It benefits your self-confidence and can create a feeling of achievement that builds towards bigger accomplishments. Try joining a class or following online tutorials for some DIY skills to help you improve your home, or learn essential work skills for the modern economy like social media marketing or coding.

Be adventurous and spend time abroad

Living in a foreign country for a few months or a year can broaden your outlook, help you enhance your language skills, and introduce you to people from different walks of life. Consider a working holiday, co-op or internship, or professional development abroad. You’ll gain valuable international work experience, work on teams with diverse cultural backgrounds and develop connections that strengthen your place in a global workforce—all of which can launch you into the next level in your career.

Make the most of winter

The winter months can be hard on our health, as we tend to hibernate indoors, eat more junk food and exercise less. Get out of this rut by focusing on the best the season has to offer, like skating, skiing and snowshoeing outdoors. Boost your health and beat the winter blues by getting enough vitamin D and eating nutrient-rich foods.

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7 Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Take-Out Temptation



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After a long day, the thought of putting in overtime in the kitchen can be quite unappealing.

“Ordering takeout can be a time-saver, but it’s expensive and typically less healthy than homemade meals,” explains Tori Wesszer, registered dietitian. “Prepping meals ahead of time means I can save dining out for indulging at restaurants I love, without the guilt.”

Wesszer recommends the following tips for fool-proof meal planning:

Freeze Florida Orange Juice in ice cube trays. Add cubes to a smoothie for added vitamin C and a natural sweetener with no added sugar.

Layer those salads. Make salads a few days at a time in mason jars. Layer your ingredients with dressing on the bottom to eat better and save money.

Make leftovers. Cook some extra at dinner to pack for lunch the next day.

Batch cook. Make foods like grains in large amounts ahead of time so you can have lots on hand for later.

Pre-cut your veggies. Wash and dice veggies that you use often ahead of time and you’ll have no excuse to skip your greens.

Freeze the rest. If you make a lasagna or chili, make double and freeze half to pull out on nights when you know time is limited.

Stock up on healthy kitchen staples. Keep items like canned beans and frozen veggies to pull a meal together in a pinch — a well-stocked pantry is essential to eating well.

Organize with apps. Use apps like Wunderlist to plan your groceries. You can even share it with someone to help keep you organized and avoid buying doubles.

Find more recipes at

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