Why & How Wearable Gadgets Will Create A Massive New Market?

Why & How Wearable Gadgets Will Create A Massive New Market?

When it comes to protecting yourself while you are alone on road, at home or office, or if you are traveling alone, your friends and family will suggest you carry pepper spray, stun guns, etc. These are traditional protection gears, which have failed to survive in the present time. We are living in a digital era where you need to protect yourself through smart digital ways. Personal safety wearables have made a new wave and also made personal safety a lot easier and practical.

Personal safety wearable devices are not only discreet but also offer complete personal protection to the individual on a touch of a button. With a smart personal safety beacon or safety gear, you can easily request for help or even inform your family that you are perfectly fine. These safety wearables are not only for adults but also for seniors as they strengthen their confidence and increase their life. All thanks to safety technology as it is making life easier for both caregivers and wearers.

1. REACT MOBILE SIDEKICK: Improving the bottom line by providing your employees a safe workplace. This is the idea behind the development of React Mobile. It is a safety platform which is simple to operate and demands little or no training. This app is highly cost-effective and can be customized as per the safety needs of any organization. This device has been designed from ground up for easy use and quick integration. This gear has helped several employees make a great impact as they feel safe. It has also increased their productivity and loyalty towards the company.

2. NIMB: It is a smart ring with an emergency alert platform. This ring is equipped with a panic button that lets you send alert signals during emergency situation through Nimb app installed on your mobile device and connected to this ring. This stylish ring doesn’t look like a safety gear and silently sends a request to your family and friends, first responders and NIMB members nearby. It has a fast & easy to access button, battery life up to 2 weeks, prevents accidental alerts and also sends & receives vibration alerts.

3. ALLEN BAND: It is a special band specifically made for the seniors or aging parents that help their kids to give personalized care through proper monitoring. This band sends the immediate alerts when a fall event is detected, the wearer has not moved in a defined amount of time or when band detects higher or lower heart beat range. It also informs you about their location when they have wandered out. There is an SOS request for help option, where the wearer can send an alert signal to the caregiver by pushing the button on the band.

4. REVOLAR: Enjoy big safety benefits with a smart little button on REVOLAR. It is believed to be the fastest way to send for help at your location. This device helps you stay safe by making it simple for you to communicate your location and status to your family or loved ones. Reach out for help in an emergency situation with your loved ones and receive help faster than making calls on your phone. This is a GPS based device which shares your location while sending alert to all your emergency contacts.

5. SILENT BEACON: Silent Beacon is a personal safety alert system which is available with an emergency alert app that you need to install on your mobile phone. This safety device is small in size and can be easily worn around the neck or you can put it in the car keys. It comprises of two alert buttons that need to be pushed together to initiate alert signal. The biggest advantage of getting Silent Beacon is that you can easily talk to your emergency contact through this device without any need of the mobile device. It also lets you communicate with your family or friends and let them know that you are perfectly fine. It silently informs your loved ones that you need their help.

If you are really serious about your safety or safety of your loved ones, then get the best and most affordable safety device. Some of these devices will help you stay safe even if you are alone and others will help you keep an eye on your elderly loved ones.