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Dinagyang a Unifying Force among Ilonggos

Dinagyang a Unifying Force among Ilonggos

The yearly Dinagyang Festival continues to unite Ilonggos from all walks of life, according to the Department of Tourism (DOT)-6.

In the grand launching of the 2018 Dinagyang Festival held recently at SM City Activity Center here, DOT-6 Regional Director Helen Catalbas said that the world-renowned festival has become a unifying force among the Ilonggos.

“This happens when the rich and the poor alike enjoy a celebration, whether it’s religious, festive, culinary, or other various aspects of this grand event,” she said.

She added that the festival showcased the best qualities of the Ilonggos for the entire world to see.

“It is more than just a Galing Pook Awardee as best tourism event in the country; more than just an exclamation point of our tourism landscape in Iloilo,” Catalabas said.

Further, she disclosed that the public has something to look forward to the 50th anniversary of Dinagyang.

“We look forward to something bigger, something trending despite the ups and downs in Philippine history, despite the changes in leadership, despite the changes in the economy,” she said.

She also reminded the Ilonggos to focus the celebration to the genuine reason why the festival has been in existence for so long.

“We have Santo Nino on our side which is the underlying reason why we are celebrating the yearly event,” she said.

Catalabas stated that the public should always be guided with the religious aspect and the devotion to the Holy Child. (JCM/LTP/PIA-Iloilo)