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National Certificate Facilitates Employment Abroad

National Certificate Facilitates Employment Abroad

The national certificate (NC) issued by the government is a credential to work abroad.

Capiz Director Dina Esmas of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority said that it is easy for Filipinos to work abroad especially in the ASEAN countries if he or she is a holder of a National Certificate issued by TESDA.

“This NC is a proof that you can work based on the competency standards required by such job,” she said.

Esmas added that they are offering various technical, vocational and training education scholarship programs to help in leveling up the skills and later have a job domestically and abroad.

Through the competency assessment and certification of workers, the productivity, quality and global competitiveness of the middle-level workers are ensured aside from professionalizing them.

“We are preparing the Capiceños to be globally at par in terms of skills for integration and competitiveness in the ASEAN,” she stressed.

Esmas was among the resource speakers during the recent Kumpulan sa Barangay ni Presidente locally known as Hinun-anon sa Barangay in Milibili, Roxas City. (JCM/JBG/PIA6-Capiz)