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New NegOr PNP Chief Hopes to Adopt ‘Bohol Model’ in the Province

New NegOr PNP Chief Hopes to Adopt ‘Bohol Model’ in the Province

The newly installed provincial director of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Negros Oriental, Sr. Supt. Edwin Portento, hopes that the “Bohol Model” of cooperation between the community and law enforcement agencies can be emulated in the province.

“I will be very happy kung makokopya natin iyong Bohol model. The people cooperated very well with the police and the AFP, so in a short period of time nawala iyong problema nila noong nagpunta roon, naligaw doon ang Abu Sayyaf. (I will be very happy if we can adopt the Bohol model. The people cooperated very well with the police and the AFP, so in a short period of time, their problem with the Abu Sayyaf was addressed),” said Portento during the Kapihan sa PIA forum Wednesday.

“I believe we can also emulate that model. We should have a good cooperation between the community and the law enforcement services like PNP, AFP and NBI so we can make a good stride towards attaining peace,” he added.

The Kapihan focused the discussion on the topic “Crime Prevention Towards Peace” as the new provincial police director of the province underscored the importance of partnership and cooperation among all sectors of the society and the government in order to address peace and order problems.

Portento disclosed that he already paid a courtesy call on various sectors of the local community to seek support to PNP’s peace and order campaign.

Meanwhile, SPO2 Edilberto Euraoba III, information officer of the Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office (NOrPPO), also reported in the same forum that the province registered a crime volume of 4, 889 for the month of January to August this year.

The volume of index crimes in the province, which is composed of crimes against persons and crimes against property, is at 1,206 while the volume of the non-index crimes for the said period is at 3,693.

Euraoba said the highest among the non-index crimes are traffic-related incidents with 1, 914 or 39 percent, followed by crimes involving special laws with 1, 325 or 27 percent , and then other non-index crimes with 454 or 9 percent.

The highest crime category for index crimes is theft with 475 crime volume, followed by physical injuries with 307, murder with 117, and robbery with 115.

Rape cases, which are also included in this category, has a total volume of 91.

Compared to the index crimes reported last year, theft remains to be the highest with a total of 736 cases in 2016 and 475 in 2017.

Cases of physical injuries showed a decrease based on the comparative table of PNP, from 403 cases in 2016 to 307 in 2017.

Overall, the index crimes for 2016 are higher compared in 2017 during the said period.

A comparative breakdown of non-index crimes from the provincial police also showed a decline in traffic-related incidents from 2,476 for 2016 to 1,914 in 2017.

Euroaba also gave a report on the crime clearance efficiency and crime solution efficiency of NOrPPO.

He explained that crime clearance means the suspect is at large but a charge has been laid against the suspect while crime solution means the charge has been filed against a suspect and said suspect is apprehended or detained.

“The crime clearance efficiency for 2017 has 73.99 percent and 71.81 percent for calendar year 2016 or an improvement of 3.4 percent as compared to last year. In crime solution efficiency, we had an increase of 3.88 percent compared from last year,”  Euraoba said.

The crime solution efficiency rate of NOrPPO in 2016 is 67.47 percent while the 2017 rate is 70.09 percent. (ral/PIA7-Negros Oriental)