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Are You More Addicted to Your Smartphone than a Millennial?

Are You More Addicted to Your Smartphone than a Millennial?

It’s no secret that millennials are a data hungry generation, but a recent survey from Fido highlights just how much they love their smartphones. Millennials are five times more reliant on their phone to maintain their sex life and almost three-quarters say they are reliant on their mobile phone for their social life in general.

With this generation, voice calls are a rarity and data is king. In fact, millennials send almost four times as many instant messages compared to non-millennials in an average day. They also are using their phones for a lot of their entertainment needs, with 40 per cent saying that they stream video on their phone at least a few times a day and 35 per cent indicating the same for music.

As the importance of the smartphones continues to increase, keeping your data consumption under control becomes more important. You can manage it by tracking your usage, paying attention to notifications that alert you when you’re about to go over, or closing apps that you aren’t using.

Another great way to keep your spending in check is to be on the lookout for special plans or services that give you more bang for your buck. For example, Fido recently launched a new feature that gives Pulse plan customers access to five extra hours of free data a month, on top of what’s already included in their plan. Deals like this help keep the millennial in everyone happy.