Cebu’s Very Own Novel Forthich to Claim Victory at Red Bull 3Style

Cebu’s Very Own Novel Forthich to Claim Victory at Red Bull 3Style

The Red Bull 3Style Philippine Finals is upon us. Six finalists have been selected on originality, skill, and music selection by a panel of international DJs. Novel Fortich comes into the competition for the third time and represents the island of Cebu.

The Cebu-native began his career as a battle DJ in competitions, including the 2014 Red Bull 3Style. His fusion of genres has allowed him to play alongside artists such as E-Rock, Steve Aoki, and P-Lo. He has performed in a number of high-profile events including the Plus 63 Festival, Ed Roberson’s Bay Area Takeover Series, and the Aerosoul Graffiti Competition.

Novel Fortich_08

Birth Name: Novel Raymund R. Fortich
DJ Name: Short
Birthday: 2/13/80
Age: 37
Nationality: Filipino
Current residency: Distillery Cebu, Morals & Malice

1.How did you find out about Red Bull 3Style?
Social media, plus it was the only DJ competition in Cebu back in 2014. It is the most legitimate and impartial DJ competition out there.

2. How did you prepare/execute your submission?
With very amateur camera work. But I made sure the audio was nice. I tied a couple of songs together using wordplay and some audio clips from Entourage, Fliptop and a noontime TV show.

3. How are you preparing for the national finals?
Trying to keep it as original as possible. Making sure my transitions hasn’t been done by someone else before.

4. What inspired you to become a DJ?
DJ AM’s open format routines on Youtube.

5. What sets you apart from other DJs in the competition?
Third time lucky?

6. What are your top three favorite albums?
Gza – Liquid Swords
Jay z – The Blueprint
Judgement Night Soundtrack

7. What’s a song you absolutely hate and why?
David Guetta – “Shot Me Down”. He murdered Nancy Sinatra on that one.

8. How do you think Red Bull 3Style help aspiring DJs?
It is one of most visible and widely covered DJ competitions in the world. And I can attest that it certainly helped me with my career because it gave me my very first gig.

As a three time 3Style contestant, will 2017 be Novel Fortich’s year? Find out on October 19th, 2017, at the Red Bull 3Style Philippine Finals, at Valkyrie at the Palace, at Bonifacio Global City.

Who will bring the best beats and represent the Philippines? #redbull3style #playwithmusic