Image Source: Cebu Provincial Government

Drug Tests for Cebu Bus Drivers Urged

Drug Tests for Cebu Bus Drivers Urged

The management of the Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT) is urging bus operators to conduct surprise drug tests for their drivers prior to and during the observance of All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days for the safety of the passengers.

Joey Herrera, CSBT operations manager, on Saturday said he knows there are some bus drivers who use illegal drugs to keep energized after hours of long-distance driving.

Fatigue or exhaustion should not be made as a valid excuse for drivers to take drugs as this will only endanger, not just the lives of the passengers, but the drivers’ as well, according to Herrera.

The CSBT has conducted several surprise tests for drivers and each time, some of them came out positive for drug use.

This time, however, the bus operators should carry out the tests themselves since they are more acquainted with their drivers and could easily pick out those whom they suspect of using illegal drugs, Herrera said.

Herrera urged the bus operators to begin the drug tests next week so as not to inconvenience the riding public.

This early, Herrera also asked for the passengers’ indulgence if ever the tests would be conducted during their travel on November 1 or 2 as this precautionary measure is just for their own safety.

Herrera also urged the bus operators not to overburden their drivers with additional travel schedules, which could most likely lead them to use drugs. (USJR intern Levirose Caballero/PNA)