Maayo Medical

Maayo Medical

The recently opened Maayo Medical is growing rapidly with the addition of eight more specialty center to provide quality and specialized health services, Maayo on long-term wellness.

The specialty centers that have already started accepting patients are the following: Men Wellness and Urology Centre which offers, Women Wellness Unit, Aces Eye Referral Clinics at Maayo Medical, Physical Wellness and Rehabilitation, Dental Care, Liver Wellness, Nutrition Services, and Maayo Aesthetics Institute.

The women wellness unit is designed to nurture the female gender, providing quality care services and packages complimented by modern facilities. It has a complete range of ultrasound including 4D, biophysical profile, and congenital anomaly scan.

While the men wellness and urology center now accepts appointments for consultation and will have the following services soon like cystoscopy, cysto with bladder biopsy, prostate biopsy, vasectomy, and other services.

ACES Eye Referral Clinics offers basic eye exam and optical consultation packages and later will include visual acuity, refraction, cyclorefraction, slit lamp exam, dilated fundus exam, stereopsis test, and more. It will also have Maayo OptiCare, for prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, and fashionable eye wear.

Patients with neurologic, musculoskeletal, and orthopedic conditions, or anyone who wish to achieve holistic wellness may visit the Physical Wellness and Rehabilitation Unit. This center offers outpatient physical rehabilitation services done in three approaches, the physical rehab and land and water sections.

Maayo Medical also now provides affordable and quality dental care which possesses advanced imaging systems to provide clear images that aid in accurate diagnosis. Patients may now come in for oral prophylaxis, restorative dentistry, composite restorations, laminates, and other dental services.

A Liver Wellness Unit at the facility has also started started offering a variety of packages for the diagnosis, treatment and long term follow-up of patients with different conditions affecting this major organ.

A nutrition unit including the Eat Rite by Maayo that’s aimed at providing quality nutritional care through assessment, appropriate intervention, and monitoring is also available at Maayo Medical. This is to enhance nutrition care through education, counseling, and food services that meet the needs of patients.

The Maayo Aesthetics Institute also provides medical and cosmetic dermatology with a broader approach to skin care. The unit personalizes treatments to imperfections using state-of-the-art technology offering services like botulinum toxin injection, derma fillers, skin tightening, tattoo removal, laser depigmentation, and other facial treatments. Soon, it will also provide hair removal, patch test, skin biopsy, mesotherapy, nose lift, breast lift, tummy tuck, and robotic hair transplant services.