The Biggest Thing to Happen to Sports in Cebu

The Biggest Thing to Happen to Sports in Cebu

Something big is coming to Cebu sports as the region’s first contemporary multi-sport complex is set to rise at the South Road Properties by the end of 2018 – DYNAMIC HERB SPORTS – a sporting complex with an outdoor playing field, indoor gymnasium and dedicated facilities for athletes, sporting enthusiasts and even spectators.

The outdoor regulation playing field is made of synthetic turf similar to international stadiums. What differentiates turf from natural grass is that it can withstand the demands and pressure of the players and games as well as maintain its performance and quality in the face of nature.. Fields using natural grass are very high maintenance and with the climate conditions in Cebu with the heat and the rain, the field can become easily damaged. With synthetic turf, DYNAMIC HERB SPORTS is able to sustain its outdoor field regardless of the weather and the number of games being played whether its football, rugby, frisbee, American football or flag football. The indoor gymnasium has special flooring which makes it suitable for futsal, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, handball and more. DYNAMIC HERB SPORTS boasts of an experienced and expert team of contractors, architects and designers to bring the complex to life using the best materials in the industry.

The complex also provides athletes’ support facilities including complete shower room facilities, dedicated locker rooms with essential equipment, offices for coaching staff, press box, dugout beside the field/court, gear rental services, first aid facilities and provisions for PWDs. There are also multi-purpose rooms for seminars, workshops and training sessions.

Spectators can also enjoy comfortable seating for both the outdoor field and indoor arena, dining halls with various options from local food and beverage concessionaires including a sports bar and cafe for live telecasts of sporting events, comfort rooms, lighted pathways, covered walks and ample parking spaces.

According to the Managing Director, Mr. Ugur Tasci, DYNAMIC HERB SPORTS is a venue where people of all ages can share their passion for sports and embrace the wellness and healthy lifestyle. “This is a sports facility that Cebu deserves. We are not competing with any other region but giving Cebu the opportunity to enjoy and experience a complex such as this – where athletes and sports lovers can come play and gather their friends and family for leisure and recreation”.

DYNAMIC HERB SPORTS also envisions the facility to be a training ground for future athletes in Cebu who can someday represent the country in sporting competitions. There will also be training programs and courses conducted within the complex to educate not just athletes but officials, coaches and other stakeholders in Cebu sports.